Green peas

This legume is high in starch and fiber and especially rich in protein. Peas contain antioxidants polyphenols and have low glycemic index, helping stabilize blood sugar levels and are diabetes friendly food. They are great for digestion due to high content of insoluble fiber, protect heart from heart disease and help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Rich in saponins, they have anti-cancer properties. The most present minerals in peas are manganese, phosphorus and iron. Another powerful substance in peas is lutein, good for eye health. On the other side, peas contain antinutrients common for legumes, that are making the mineral absorption and peas digestion more complicated. This might cause bloating and discomfort during consumption.


Who said that Capricciosa on Friday night can’t be good for you? This looker among vegetables originates from Mediterranean and dates back to ancient Roman times. Artichokes are one of the oldest consumed foods, considered a medicinal plant as well as aphrodisiac. Artichokes belong to vegetables with highest protein intake. They are packed with fibers, improve digestion and lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. They are especially rich in fiber called inulin which is beneficial to preventing constipation and overall gut health. Artichokes boost immune system and they are great for heart and liver health.

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