Pumpkin is type of squash and one of the best known sources of beta carotene, converted into vitamin A in the body. This makes it great for fighting certain cancers, maintaining eye health and preventing macular degeneration and cataract. Pumpkin is good for heart health and lowering blood pressure. It promotes fullness and is very filling while low in calories, helping with weight management. Both vitamin A and C help boost immunity and vitamins C and E additionally promote good and healthy skin.


Potato contains mostly carbs (starch) with almost no fat and is cholesterol and gluten-free. However, due to high glycemic index (fast rise of blood sugar), it should be carefully consumed with people with diabetes. It is good for lowering blood pressure and for heart health thanks to antioxidant anthocyanin. A lot of nutrients are packed in its skin, therefore it is good to eat it without peeling too. Potato is rich in vitamin B and potassium, which make it a good choice for diarrhea treatment since a lot of potassium is lost during this process. Another nutrient present in potatoes is choline, which improves movement, mood, brain development and inflammation. Also containing tryptophan, it promotes good sleep and has calming and sedating effect. Potato is considered one of the most filling foods.

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